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extended adj
1 relatively long in duration; tediously protracted; "a drawn-out argument"; "an extended discussion"; "a lengthy visit from her mother-in-law"; "a prolonged and bitter struggle"; "protracted negotiations" [syn: drawn-out, lengthy, prolonged, protracted]
2 fully extended or stretched forth; "an extended telescope"; "his extended legs reached almost across the small room"; "refused to accept the extended hand" [ant: unextended]
3 great in range or scope; "an extended vocabulary"; "surgeons with extended experience"; "extensive examples of picture writing"; "suffered extensive damage"; "a wide selection" [syn: extensive, wide]
4 drawn out or made longer spatially; "Picasso's elongated Don Quixote"; "lengthened skirts are fashionable this year"; "the extended airport runways can accommodate larger planes"; "a prolonged black line across the page" [syn: elongated, lengthened, prolonged]
5 beyond the literal or primary sense; "`hot off the press' shows an extended sense of `hot'"
6 large in spatial extent or range; "an extensive Roman settlement in northwest England"; "extended farm lands" [syn: extensive]

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  1. past of extend


  1. longer in length or extension; elongated
  2. stretched out or pulled out; expanded
  3. lasting longer; protracted
  4. having a large scope or range; extensive
  5. In the context of "of a typeface": wider than usual


longer in length or extension; elongated
stretched out or pulled out; expanded
lasting longer; protracted
having a large scope or range; extensive
wider than usual

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